Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The owners of the nursery have three grown up and successful children, all three of which have their own, unique way of expressing themselves and achieving their ‘Personal Best” everyday, in very diverse and individual ways. The entire philosophy of the Old Fire Station nursery is based on this experience and observation.

We call our setting a nursery because that’s precisely what it is. We will not let this be compromised by delusions of grandeur or unnecessary self-importance.

Too often Pre-schools concentrate their time and effort on academic progress and a measurement of success that is cemented in “being the best”, not “being the best you can be”.

We focus our attention on individual learning for each of our children. We fervently believe, and work towards the belief, that vocational progress is just as important as academic achievement.

There is no doubt in our minds, that when we deliver 4 year olds to their next level of education, we arm them best and prepare them more thoroughly, by ensuring they are happy, confident, well adjusted, friendly and generous human beings.

The ability to question without judgment, to form idea’s without criticism, to laugh without ridicule and to love without fear, is both fuel to the flames of learning and a suit of armour to the slings and arrows so often loosed by less secure individuals.

Obviously, there is still a great need to follow the national curriculum and EYFS directives and we ensure our children get the full benefit of our great experience in this vital area of their development.

It is often not what we do, but how we do it, that ensures we continue to succeed in our mission to turn out smart, energetic, inquisitive and likeable young people that are ready for school and ready for life.